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On the Origin of Music
An Integrated Overview of the Origin and Evolution of Music
(c) 2003 Greenwich
By Robert Fink
Graduate from Wayne State University, Michigan, 1970
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Writings on the origin of music spanning a period of research & publication from the 1950's to 2003. The 3 sections of the book combine a number of works, mainly these essays:
* The Origin of Music [views increasingly confirmed by recent finds & studies];  
* Neanderthal Flute [Oldest known instrument],  updates & extensive correspondence, &
* Stages in Evolution of Melody, Scales & Harmony, with many additional articles.
[NOTE TO LIBRARIANS: Previous separately-published softcover versions of the individual essays above are available free to libraries which may wish to consider adding them to the research collections. Each essay is approx 50 pp or longer.]
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