Studies in Music Archaeology III.
The Archaeology of Sound: Origin and Organisation.
Papers from the 2nd Symposium of
the International Study Group on Music Archaeology
at Monastery Michaelstein, 23 September 2000
By Ellen Hickmann, Anne D. Kilmer and Ricardo Eichmann (ed.)
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The volume unites 56 contributions, 53 of which were presented at the 2nd symposium of the International Study Group on Music Archaeology in Kloster Michaelstein in 2000 and at the 6th colloquium of the ICTM-Study Group in Istanbul in 1993. There are also a foreword, an introduction, a list of participants, and explanations on the CD. At first, the development of human brain and hands are considered. This is followed by part 1 on sounds and origins of their organization, which is divided into the sections sound imaginations (2 articles), singing bones(5 articles), intended tonal organization (6 articles), restoration, replica, concept - European sounds (7 articles), and pre-Columbian tonal production (7 articles). The 2nd part on music-archaeological documents includes antique sound tools (4 articles), ancient Greek theory and melodic structure (3 articles), tonal structures in transition between the ancient Orient and Greek antiquity (3 articles), sound, tonal system, and notation in the Near and Middle East (5 articles), musical instruments and their tunings in Anatolia, Bactria, and Egypt (3 articles), sound structures and tonal systems of E- and SE-Asia (5 articles) as well as the archaeology of singing and song texts (5 articles).
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Size: DIN A4, 21,0 x 29,8 cm
Content: [40 English and 16 German articles] 678 pag., 217 ill., 79 pl., 51 tab., 1 CD-ROM, 1 audio CD
Series: Orient-Arch„ologie 10
ISBN: 3-89646-640-2
ISSN: 1434-162X
Publication Date: 2002-3
Publication Place: Rahden/Westf.
Price: 95,00 EUR Reader's Interest: music, notation, sound
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