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The following issues of Crosscurrents (page down) have stood the test of time since they were written, and are more relevant today than ever. Most of the articles have been reprinted in daily/weekly newspapers and other publications.
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Remembering the 1967 Detroit Black Uprising -- Drawings of Lost Photos -- After the loss of unique and dramatic negatives, the memories of those photos were drawn to recall the historic and massive rebellion in a large Detroit ghetto against the discrimination and oppression by Detroit's police, economic and political authorities. Illustrated, 2 pp. hardcopy (mailed): $2.oo. (Top)

The Myth of Columbus -- 500 years after the conquests and genocides this history is always relevant and revealing. 3 parts: 1) History; 2) Aboriginal gifts to world; 3) School texts & the truth. 12 pp., $3.5o (Top)

The Oldest Song in the World and Evidence of ancient harmony-- Explanation of the nature and importance of this archeological find (of clay tablets) and its deciphering by Prof. Anne Kilmer of Berkeley University of California.. Illustrated, partial music score. Discusses early harmony using new & original findings. 4 pp. hardcopy: $2.oo. (Top)

On line: Oldest known musical instrument played notes of do, re, mi scale -- This article undertakes to deduce the notes played on a bone fragment with two complete holes and two more poorly defined holes at each of the broken ends of the bone. The method is outlined, and the matches are made to 4 notes in the minor diatonic scale (mi, fa, sol, la). Mathematical estimate is made regarding length of original flute. Includes pictures of the bone fragment. $19.oo U.S. hardcopy. (Top)
Natural Forces Bringing the Do Re Mi Scale into Existence -- explanation of the near universal presence of the diatonic scale across time, place and across various cultures. $1.5o hardcopy. (Top)

Diana's Legacy -- Why it Stirred the World -- Explains much of the massive mourning of the world for Diana, Princess of Wales. Part of development of a collective consciousness. $1.5o (Top)

The Nature of Nazi Fascism --  A brief history an analysis, and a comparison to the policies of Israel in the occupied territories. Jewish author. Illus., Includes broadside on Reagon's visit to the Bitburg cemetery and the history of Sophie Scholl. 12 pp. $3.5o (Top)

A Night at the Oopera -- Hilarious recounting of a night at the opera. 4 pp.
---- and ----
A Night at the Symphony -- Analysis of the current state of so-called "serious music" and the public response trends. 2 pp. $1. 5o. (Top)
The Origin of Christmas -- A secular history of the why and how of the customs and ritual of Christmas including Santa Claus, presents under trees, astronomy, other forms of celebration. 4 pp.
Comes with a Dickens of an updated Christmas Carole (2 pp.) and with:
Yes Virginia, There Is Still a Santa Claus -- that is, for well-to-do folk and white kids. A new version with a reality check included. 2 pp. $2.oo (Top)
The Businessman Who Went To Heaven -- A parody Christmas carole. Broadside. $1 (Top)

The Holey Bible, A primer for Creationists -- Broadside quotes numerous holes and contradictions about the Bible and its "science." 4pp. $1.oo. (Top)

Psychic -- About psychic phenomena and contains guaranteed accurate predictions. 16 pp. $4.5o (Top)

Images and Masquerades. Hidden Hints or Tempest in a Teapot? -- Discussion of the penchant of people to "see" meaning and images in nature that appear to be deliberate omens, rather than natural phenomena. 4 pp. $1.oo. (Top)

The Decision to Bomb Hiroshima -- On line. This article was selected by the Toronto Board of Education as a resource included in a distribution to all secondary schools in the Totonto system. It is a brief history of the decision to bomb Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The information is based on documents released under the U. S. Freedom of Information Act to several authors decades after the the end of the war. Includes information of Japan's attempt to sue for surrender prior to the dropping of the bomb. Broadside w/insert. $1.oo. (Top)

Another View on Pearl Harbor -- A review of the often suggested idea that the bombing of Pearl Harbor was no surprise to the American military leadership and the U.S. government. 4 pp. $1.oo. (Top)

The Nature of Chance -- A review of how accidents arise, and the fallacies inherent in the assurances given by so-called experts (especially nuclear power plants ). 4 pp. $1.oo. (Top)

Panama & the Canal -- A review and brief history of official information written at the time which reveals the truth about the creation of Panama (originally a province of Columbia) and sheds light on current U.S. policies. 4 pp. . $1.oo. (Top)

Art, Music and Politics -- Critique of the modernist abstract styles of art and music. 4 pp.
Comes with:
Art? Some Say It' S not. -- A sequel to Art, Music and Politics. 4 pp. $2.oo (Top)
The Role of Counterpoint in the Origin of Harmony -- A musicological short essay. 2 pp. (See also Origin of Music, and Evidence of harmony in Ancient Music
Comes with:
An Open Letter to Artists: What Have These Artists In Common? 2 pp. $2.oo (Top)

The Ozone Layer -- An early issue of Crosscurrents warning back in the 70's about the depletion of Ozone from human industrial pollution emissions. Includes a short illus. page on how pollution affects evolution. 4 pp. $1.oo.. (Top)

Fakes & Phonies -- The story of Elmyr de Hory -- the great art forger. A review and synopsis of the book Fake, a biography of De Hory, written by an author who later got into similar trouble. Coincidence? The author was Clifford Irving. 4 pp. $1.oo. (Top)

It Was Never Socialism -- an early analysis of the fall of the Soviet empire. 4 pp. $1.oo (Top)

Wartime Crimes of Big Business -- A classic. Illustrates the history of corporate behavior during World War II. Broadside. $1.oo (Top)

Before the Massacre and 1/4 of the World's People Rise. -- Two Crosscurrents issues which briefly chronicle the tragedy in China's Tiananmen Square in 1989, 6 pp. $1.5o. (Top)

Privatization -- History & the Environment -- 2 issues which outline the nature of privatization and its effects. 12 pp. $3. 5o (Top)

Military Training: There Was No Victory -- A commentary on the military and the Gulf War. 4 pp. $1.oo.. (Top)

The Origin of Music: A Non-Fiction Thriller -- On line. Click title.

What is Inflation? -- A clear economic explanation of how inflation arises, and looks at myths and claims concerning profits, wage hikes, etc. Broadside. $1.oo.. (Top)

On socialism & Unemployment -- By Albert Einstein. 4 pp. $1.oo.. (Top)

Crime & Punishment -- Famous speech by Clarence Darrow to prison inmates. Broadside.. $1.oo.. (Top)

War Prayer -- Abridged version of famous Mark Twain short story. Broadside. $1.oo includes postage and handlg. (Top)

How To Manipulate Meetings: A Guide For Victims. Explains 1o easy ways to kill democracy at a meeting without looking like you're doing it. 4 pp. $1.oo.. (Top)

Hungarian Tragedy -- Excerpts from a book of the time (1956) which previewed the end of the Soviet tyranny in East Europe. The understanding of the rise of Solidarnosc is cast in a new historic light by this earlier major world event. Comes with:
Solidarnosc -- Three issues, Nos. 74, 81, 82 of Crosscurrents. deal with the rise of the anti-Soviet revolt in Poland while it occurred, and accurately predicted the whole USSR collapse well before it happened.16 pp. $3.5o. (Top)

History Snippets: Back to the Future -- Predictions made many years ago for the "future" (which are our present times to those who wrote the predictions) reproduced from publications of the time so they can be compared with what actually happened to us. 8 pp. $2.oo..


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